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How Surrounding Area Benefits Forest woods Residences

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How The Area Development Have An Edge For The Future Residents Of Forest woods Condo

Forest woods condo is located at a perfect location. The area is fully developed and provides all the essential amenities that an average person needs. The surrounding area is full of options for schooling, business opportunities, entertainment, and personal development. Forest woods condo is located at Lorong Lew Lian in Serangoon estate; that is a classy district. Let me explain, how the surrounding area development benefits to the Forest woods condo future residents.

  • Major Roads: The building location, provides easy access to the major link roads such as Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Boundary Roads, Central Expressways and PAN Island Expressway. Besides, the Serangoon MRT station provides easy access to other locations like Kovan, Bartley, Woodleigh, Lorong Chau that offers an easy reach to other parts of the island.
  • Amenities Nearby: There are many shopping malls located in the surrounding.The Next Mega Mall is the largest mall in the are that remains open for 24 hours a day. Other malls include- Heartland Mall, Serangoon Town Centre. These shopping malls also provide the entertainment sections- like cinemas, indoor games, public libraries, restaurants and much more.
  • Reputed Educational Institutes: There are many reputed schools nearby the building. Such brilliant schools are Zhonghua Secondary & Nanyang Junior College, Stamford American International School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Paya Lebar Methodist, and Maris Stella High School (both primary and secondary).
  • Recreation Facilities: In Lorong Lew Lian, there is a Serangoon Sports stadium and swimming complex that a person can visit for leisure. One can play games in the stadium or do exercises for fitness. There is also a separate swimming pool as well, in the stadium.
  • Career Development: There are many well- established business hubs located in the area. One can get a good job at an attractive pay scale. Otherwise, one can also gain some good business relations and start his ventures. Such business includes Seletar Aerospace Park, Punggol Creative Cluster, Lorong Halus Industrial Park, Defu Industrial Park and Serangoon Sub-Regional Centre. All these businesses are situated in Paya Lebar. One can visit there to seek jobs according to his/her potential.
  • Cafes and Food Hubs: The area is surrounded by excellent coffee shops and restaurants where one can try a variety of foodstuffs and beverages. One can get a better experience by tasting different dishes. Nearby Chomp-Chomp Food Centre offers is known its yummy food service.

Conclusion for Forest Woods Condo


As you know, Forest woods is located in a modern atmosphere that is fully developed. Moreover, besides amenities, the people from the surrounding area are also well educated and mature. Most of the crowd is from the business class or wealthy strata, and it adds to the beauty of the area. Your child will grow watching such people, and that benefits his mental growth.

No doubt, the area development increases the real value of the building itself. If you want to be a part of such a healthy environment, don’t delay and start to register your interest today.

Forest woods Condo By CDL (Another Great Launch)

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CDL: Developer OF Forest woods Condo


City Development Limited is one of the Singapore’s largest real estate company. It has an impressive record of developing 36,000 luxury homes in its locality- Singapore. Being a leading international property and Hotel MNC, it has a wide spread network comprising over 300 associated companies and subsidiaries that cover different sectors such as hotel ownership & management, real estate investment & development, and facilities management. It has its roots spread over 90 different locations in 26 countries including- Asia, Europe, North America, New Zealand and The Middle East.

The company has a remarkable diversified-portfolio of 18 million square feet of floor area covering hotels & residences, offices & service apartments, industries, integrated development, and shopping malls.

At present, the company has up to $2.6 billion of funds under its management and has emerged as Singapore’s major commercial landlord. The company is continuously catching growth in real estate developments. CDL is pro-active in five main international markets- China, UK, US, Japan and Australia.

CDL: The Glorious History

CDL, a Singapore-based company, is serving the real estate sector, worldwide, since 1963. The company started in 1963 with a team comprising eight employees at Amber Mansions along Orchard Road.

During the 1960s, the company went public, and the shares got listed on Malayan Stock Exchange. In its first year, the company completed its first residential project – The Fresh Breezes. Besides, in 1965, it got its first high-rise residential project known as City Towers.

During the 1970s, the company completed a joint development project- The City Plaza. In the same decade, the company announced the maiden dividend to its shareholders. It was an era of its growth.

During the 1980s, CDL stepped into the hospitality sector with an acquisition of Copthorne King’s Hotel.

The 1990s was the decade that the CDL went international, the company entered into Europe by launching its first hotel in London- The Gloucester. Later after 2000, the company expanded over middle-east by securing its management contract with the Unites Arab Emirates.

In the 2010s, the CDL China, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of CDL, made its first acquisition in Chongqing, China.

Adding further to it, a London-listed subsidiary of CDL – Millennium & Copthorne Hotels is the largest international hotel group with 126 hotels across the world.

What Forest woods Residences Buyers Can Expect From The Developer

CDL has an international presence and reputation. In every CDL project, the prestige of the brand itself is at stake, and Forestwoods Residences is not an exception. The company goes on over delivering its promises so as to maintain peoples’ trust in it and the honor.

As a Forest woods condo buyer, you can trust upon every feature and facility the authorities are assuring you of. CDL enjoys an extensive list of satisfied customers who are loyal to the brand.

Long story short, you can expect a high-quality lifestyle with all the necessary facilities such as maintenance, green-environment, security, parking, playground for children, etc. It’s going to be your


Forest Woods Condo: Nearby Shopping Centres And The Benefits

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How The Nearby Shopping Centers Can Allow The Future Residences Forestwood To Enjoy


There are many shopping centers and malls nearby the Forestwood Residences. The major names include- The great Nex Mega Shopping Mall, Heartland Mall, and Serangoon Shopping Centre. All these malls are equipped with a wide variety of shops and restaurants that provide round-the-clock services. Shopping is a day-to-day activity in anyone’s life and a buying center that is just a few minutes away can appear as a saviour to your hectic schedules.

Benefits To The Residents Of Forest Woods Condo By CDL

There are many advantages that one can avail himself by visiting a proximal mall instead of a long-distant shopping mall. Let’s explore the benefits.

  • Convenience In Buying: It becomes easier for you to purchase groceries, clothes, and other essential supplies from a shopping mall located next to the residence. Also, you can have access to those food items that are available exclusively in a shopping center only. Moreover, there are many shopping centres near the Forestwood Residences. If you are not able to buy it from the nearest one or the item is out of stock, you have the alternatives.
  • Saves Time, Money and Energy: Obviously, it will save your time and money that you would be spending otherwise driving to a distant mall. In case, you are in need of something in late hours of an evening or want to dine out, all you need to follow a few minutes walk.
  • No Trapping In Jam: You might get stuck in traffic while approaching some distant shopping centers. It sucks away the mood and energy. Having a shopping center near your living area means you will face null or lesser annoying obstacles.
  • Better Rates For The Property: Apparently, if the vicinity is full of shopping malls, schools or parks, it increases the value of the building. So if you have an unit in Forestwood Residence, it adds to the property evaluation.
  • Safety and Security: All the shopping malls near the Forestwood apartment are under CCTV surveillance. Worth a mention, there are security guards, round-the-clock, in the buildings. That checks the criminal intentions, and you can feel secure even when walking out of the Forestwood Residences boundary.
  • Visible Landmarks: Something famous, around your apartment, makes it easier for your relatives or friends to find your address. Thus, shopping malls near your area act as the essential guides helping your guests reaching you.
  • More Eatery Options: There are many restaurants and small shops in the shopping malls near Forestwood Residences. You can visit them on a regular basis for lunch or dinner. They offer a variety of discount coupons that help you enjoy the delicious foods at affordable rates. Best for attending an unexpected guest.

Conclusion for the Forest Woods Condo

I suggest that you have seriously consider an unit in the Forestwood Residences as it is surrounded by a number of malls that fulfils your daily requirements. As an icy on the cake, such shopping centers, and malls are also studded with some entertainment options such as a PVR or a Children Corner. Spend most of your time in enjoying the activities, not in driving to cover long distances.


Forestwood Residences: Nearby Schools And The Benefits To The Parents

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How The Nearby Good Schools Can Give The Parents Benefit For Their Children Of The Forestwood Residence

Schools-near-forestwood-residences-benefitsGetting an unit in Forestwood Residences should be your choice if you are a parent and have school going children. The residence is surrounded by many reputed schools such as Zhonghua Secondary and Nanyang Junior College, Stamford American International School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Paya Lebar Methodist, and Maris Stella High School- both primary and secondary. If your child is already studying in one of these schools, that is icy on the cake.

As there are many good schools near the Forestwood Residences, your children and yourself can avail many benefits from this proximity. Let me better elaborate them:

  • Instills Autonomy: The good schools near the ‘Forestwood Residences’ allows the children to go and come back home on their own. They can take a short walk or ride a bicycle to cover the short distance. Reaching and attending schools on their own builds a sense of empowerment in the children.
  • Minimal Clashes: Waking up kids and getting them ready for the school is a stressful task. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the parents to handle their naughty children in the morning. A rushed atmosphere may make the job overwhelming and conflicting. If the school is near and the children themselves are responsible for reaching in time, it ends up the hard part.
  • Reduces Cost: Having a school close to your residence is cost-effective. Many parents spent off huge expense on bus fees or personal rides so that children can reach the long-distance school on time. But, if the school is near the residence, there is no need to pay for the petrol/diesel or bus fees. Children can take a short walk to reach the school.
  • Children’s Safety: Schools adjacent to the Forestwood Residences reduces the chances that the children encounter with dangerous intersection and encourages their safety. Having schoolyards near the residence offers a prime view to see the children going to school just by looking from the apartment’s window.
  • Flexibility: Modern children always remain in a hurry while going to school and forget to carry things like- Tiffin box, water bottle, relevant books or notes. If it happens, they can return home and re-visit the school in a matter of minutes.
  • Avoids Mind-Numbing Bus Rides: A nearby school cuts off the reliance upon bus rides. Children studying in schools at far places have to wait at bus stops for an extended period of times. Besides, if the bus is fully loaded, it provides a suffocated and unhealthy environment to them. So, having school at a short distance can resolve all such bottlenecks.


I hope till now you started realizing the true value of the Forestwood Residences in Lor Lew Lian. But that’s not all. If your child is studying in a school that is next/near to your house, you can monitor his performance better by visiting the faculty time-to-time. Moreover, God Forbid, but, in case, your child goes through some illness, you can quickly visit him. That matters.

Forestwood Residences At Lor Lew Lian: Your Dream Home Is Calling You

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If you are looking for a residential area that provides much inimitability and an extensive array of leisure activities, then Forestwood residences is the best to invest in. Forestwood Residences, a CDL venture, is soon initiating a new launch in Lor Lew Lian, Singapore. It’s the right place for the people who are gazing for a modern and healthy place to live.

From Forestwood location (show flat is only a temporary area to display the unit), you will find places and services like shopping malls, restaurants, stations, transportation routes, small towns, and schools at a few minutes drive. Long story short, this Forestwood, a new CDL launch located in the heart of Serangoon town, is a future transformed area providing tranquil and healthy lifestyle.

Forestwood Residence Overview

The project is located in Serangoon Estate in District 19, North-Eastern part of Singapore. The fantastic 99-year leasehold development is executed by the prominent developer of Singapore- City Development Limited (CDL). The site is under construction but open for booking and will be completed in a next few months.

Benefits Of Investing In Forestwood Residences

Yes, I call it an investment and not an expense. The beauty, location, and lifestyle that the Forestwood Residences provide you with are priceless. Buying an apartment means gaining a capital. You can still cash it any time in future. If you are lucky while selling, you will get some profits as well. To better elaborate my point, I explain some of the exceptional benefits that this new CDL launch offers:

  • Condo Diverse Facilities: The residence provides many facilities such as private swimming pools with safety gears, Indoor gyms with all modern equipment and tennis courts for tennis lovers or recreational activities, guard house, luxurious clubhouse, Sun deck, Yoga sessions, outdoor fitness station, and playgrounds for children. Besides, the site provides a spacious car parking area.
  • Uninterrupted Sight: It is a 12+ story tall modern residential complex located between the Upper Serangoon Rd and Lorang Lew Lian road, where only the low-lying buildings are situated. That means one can enjoy the rich and charming view of the beautiful city, and fascinating low rise landed enclaves. As it will be the highest building in its area, it will get the most of the natural light providing you with an Eco-friendly environment.
  • Infrastructure: The building comprises of 500 residential units with high quality finishes and fittings. Both the interiors and exteriors of the complex are designed elegantly. The apartments are fully ventilated and are as per the individual’s tastes and preferences. Contact the authorities to enquire about apartments of different sizes.
  • Convenience To Main Roads: The Forestwood Residences, is located at such a location that connects you to the major roads of the city and expressways such as- Central Expressway (CTE) and PAN Island Expressway (PIE), Boundary road, Upper Paya Lebar road and Upper Serangoon road. Also, there is 4-5 minute walk from Serangoon MRT interchange station that is connected with the North-Eastern Line and the Circle Line. One can choose any of the routes to reach the Forestwood residences.
  • Propinquity to Malls: If you want to visit a place for shopping, dine out or recreation, there is a few minute walk to the most prominent malls like- Nex Mega Shopping mall, Heartland mall, and Serangoon Shopping Center. These are the best places to find a wide variety of food, shopping, and entertainment options. The Next Megamall is the biggest shopping center in the North-eastern region of Singapore. The mall facilities, with its vast array of shops and F&B outlets, are accessible for 24 hours. Other nearby facilities are a supermarket, for daily food and grocery needs, and a public library and a cinema.
  • Other Amenities and Surroundings: The residence provides many eateries and amenities in its surroundings like- the chomp food center at the Serangoon Garden Estate. Besides, many cafes and restaurants are situated in nearby where one can enjoy beverages and food as per their preferences.
  • Accessibility To Educational Institutes: If you want your children admission in schools, there are many reputed schools a few minute away from the residence like- Zhonghua Secondary and Nanyang junior College, Stamford American International School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Paya Lebar Methodist and Maris Stella High School- both primary and secondary.
  • Proximity To Business Hubs: Many parks and offices like- Seletar Aerospace Park, Punggol Creative Cluister, Lorong Halus Industrial Park, Defu Industrial Park and Serengoon Sub-Regional Centre are located in Paya Lebar, which provides significant employment opportunities to the unemployed persons.


Moreover, the location itself enjoys a great amount of municipal attention. The area is clean and secure and is counted to be a posh area of the city. A good neighbourhood adds to the beauty of Forestwood Residences.

Despite providing so much value, the Forestwood Residences Prices are very reasonable. Visit the site and contact the authorities for a quote. Also ask for the available payment options. Don’t make a choice based on the prices alone, account the facilities as well.

I must advise you to take some pro-active steps and book an apartment for yourself. The new launch in Lor Lew Lian is studded with so many amenities that you might miss your chance if you don’t haste.

Moreover, CDL is a brand that you can trust on. It is a multi-nation brand with billion dollar turnover. It has constructed more than 30,000 residences so far and this time making a new launch in Lor Lew Lian by the name of Forestwood Residences. The prestige of the brand reflects in its projects.

What are you waiting for? Act sooner and you will have better chances to book a suite of your choice, at a floor of your choice, and at a fair price. Once the project is completed, the prices may hike up.

Forest woods Residences: Benefits from the Masterplan

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How The Master Plan Can benefit The Future Residents Of Forest woods Residences

With the given constraints of the small land area, Singapore’s government feels a need of some practical plans to be launched for better land use. Thus, with this viewpoint, a Master Plan was introduced to provide a forward-looking and integrated planning framework for sustainable development. The master plan acts as a statutory plan for providing long-term strategies to guide the development of Singapore’s land and property.


The master plan is revised after every five years to play a significant planned role in balancing all the land use necessities like housing, industries, parks, recreations, commerce, transport, community facilities and defence so to cope up with the approaching challenges and requirements of Singaporeans. While making the master plan, free consultancy is taken as the vital component. As by considering the public, the government can better know the interests and aspirations of the society. Such consultations are held through of exhibitions, public forms, focused group discussions.

The latest Masterplan has its key focus on six major aspects- Housing, Transport, Economy, Identity, Recreation, Public spaces. It aims at building townships for all ages that are green, healthy, connected, and active in community interactions. So let’s explore the advantages the ‘Forest woods Residences’ can direct or indirectly get from Masterplan 2014.

  • Green Spacing: Integrating greenery into the living environment is mandatory under the master plan. The sole purpose is to bring people close to nature and creating a more eco-friendly environment. The living area, the ground, and the terrace, all falls under the Government Greenprint.
  • Transportation: A greater mobility with enhanced transport connectivity is on top of the masterplan. There is no dearth of public transport options. On the other hand, the well-planned roads, traffic system, and other arrangements serve efficiently for a convenient drive in a private vehicle.
  • Facilities For All Ages: The mandatory guidelines cater to the needs of people of all ages. For children, there are schools and playgrounds, for the working people there are business parks. Some special arrangements are placed in for the senior citizens. Facilities like daycare centres, medical facilities, Seniors’ Activity Centres and multi-generational Activity Corners, are laid across the Singapore. Besides many other civic areas are planned throughout the town to satisfy the social trait of people.


The masterplan is structured around creating a green and secure environment. A development project can’t go past the strict guidelines and Forest Woods Residences is not an exception. This development will provide you with a great living area, and the masterplan, that acts as an icy on the cake, offers you a great surrounding area.

So what are you waiting for? Take some pro-active steps and register today.


Forestwood Residences

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Forestwoods Residences

Located in Serangoon Estate. Lorong Lew Lian, Upper Paya Lebar Road and Jalan Chermat bounds this acreage parcel. It has a land site of 14,001.5 square metres and is allocated to be developed into about 465 residential apartment units.

A joint venture between City Developments, Hong Leong Holdings and TID won a top bid of S$321 million which translates into S$710 psf ppr.

Another station will be Bartley Circle Line Station which is also 500 m away. Forestwood Residences is just about 10 minutes’ train ride to reach Orchard shopping belt and the City Centre. For drivers, new condominium in Lorong Lew Lian is readily connected to Central Expressway (CTE) which links to Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE).

Forestwood Residences @ Lorong Lew Lian

Forestwood Residences in Lorong Lew Lian is located near the private residential enclave which offers tranquility and serenity. There’s a high rental demand from residents working at Lorong Chuan, Tai Seng and Kallang Industrial Regions. The cost of Forestwood Residences in Lorong Lew Lian will find a steady increase with the rise of home demands in District 19, developments in nearby Potong Pasir and Woodleigh.

There are also many dining and retail outlets that are offered at NEX Shopping Centre. There are available which future residents of Forestwood Residences will manage to get their daily requirements. The mall also host theatres and many leisure conveniences which future residents can access to. For fresh market produce and economic and tasty local food, a short walk can be taken by future residents of New Condo down to the Joo Seng Food Area or the Serangoon Avenue 3 Food Centre & Marketplace. Instead, they could take a brief drive down to Kovan City which host the Kovan Hougang Market & Food Centre or to Serangoon Garden where the renowned Serangoon Garden Market and Chomp Chomp Food Centre are located. . Alternatively, residents may also pick to go to Junction 8 which is 2 train stations away or Heartland Mall which is 1.4 kilometers away. Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre and Heartland Mall are the other choice for residents in Lorong Lew Lian.

Forestwood Residences Condo by CDL

There are 8 primary schools that are within 2 km of Forestwood Residences in Lorong Lew Lian which many of of them are reputable. These primary schools comprise Yangzheng, Cedar, Zhonghua, Xinghua, St Gabriel’s, Paya Lebar Methodists, Maris Stella and CHIJ Lady of Good Advice. Additionally, there are many reputable secondary nearby new condo in Lorong Lew Lian which contain Maris Stella High, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’, St Gabriel’s, Zhonghua, Bartley and Yuying. Nanyang Junior College is about 1km away.

For those who love sports, Serangoon Stadium Singapore National Wushu Association and PUB Recreational Club Club may be the alternative for them. Future residents of Forestwood Residences in Lorong Lew Lian can see Serangoon Community Park for a relaxing stroll, jog or cycle at the Park that is only 1.1 kilometers away.

Developer For Forestwood Residences

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City Developments Limited (CDL) is a Singapore-listed international property managing company with an international presence spanning 94 locations in 26 states. As one of Singapore’s biggest companies by market capitalisation, its income-secure and geographically-diversified portfolio includes incorporated developments, offices, resorts, serviced apartments, residences and shopping malls, totalling over 18 million square feet of floor area worldwide.

Foreswood Residences Developer – CDL

In Singapore, CDL has developed of the biggest landbanks amongst Singapore private sector developers. one of Singapore’s greatest commercial landlords, with one over 36,000 houses and is

Building on its history of over 50 years in direction, investment and property development, growth platforms have been developed by CDL in five crucial international marketplaces US, UK, – China, Japan and Australia. The Firm is also leveraging its steady of assets that are prime and growing its property funds management company.


St Gabriel’s Secondary School

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St. Gabriel’s Secondary School in Singapore is a boy’s Roman Catholic Secondary School in Serangoon, Singapore. The school has an affiliation with Catholic Junior College and St Gabriel’s Primary School. They have three primary streams of education, Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical. The school was opened in 1953 at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Hillside Drive. The school’s initial consumption was 212 pupils over 5 classes.

Forestwood Residences @ Lorong Lew Lian

The school’s first Secondary Four course took their Overseas School Certificate Examinations with a pass rate of ninety percent in 1959.

The school believes in imparting a sense of duty to God and Nation through schooling. The secondary school is a Government-Aided school, administered and managed by the St Gabriel’s Foundation which has taken over the running of various Gabrielite associations in Malaysia and Singapore. The foundation also helps those pupils who are of need, in adversity, and/or distress.

St. Gabriel’s Secondary School offers a wide variety of subjects and cross-curricular tasks and believes in a holistic education, ensuring that the educational and spiritual needs of the pupils are satisfied. The CCAs on offer comprise, uniformed groups, sports, performing arts, and societies and clubs. Upon leaving the school cCAs count towards the total grade of the student.

The school is located on Serangoon Avenue 1, Singapore and is within easy access of public transportation. It’s just a brief walk from the MRT Station. Lately, the school has put in the top five in various sport activities, whilst receiving commendations and distinctions in Performing Arts and Golds, Silvers and Bronzes in Uniformed Group contests.