Forest woods Residences: Benefits from the Masterplan

Forestwood Residences
May 19, 2016
Forestwood Residences At Lor Lew Lian: Your Dream Home Is Calling You
June 22, 2016

How The Master Plan Can benefit The Future Residents Of Forest woods Residences

With the given constraints of the small land area, Singapore’s government feels a need of some practical plans to be launched for better land use. Thus, with this viewpoint, a Master Plan was introduced to provide a forward-looking and integrated planning framework for sustainable development. The master plan acts as a statutory plan for providing long-term strategies to guide the development of Singapore’s land and property.


The master plan is revised after every five years to play a significant planned role in balancing all the land use necessities like housing, industries, parks, recreations, commerce, transport, community facilities and defence so to cope up with the approaching challenges and requirements of Singaporeans. While making the master plan, free consultancy is taken as the vital component. As by considering the public, the government can better know the interests and aspirations of the society. Such consultations are held through of exhibitions, public forms, focused group discussions.

The latest Masterplan has its key focus on six major aspects- Housing, Transport, Economy, Identity, Recreation, Public spaces. It aims at building townships for all ages that are green, healthy, connected, and active in community interactions. So let’s explore the advantages the ‘Forest woods Residences’ can direct or indirectly get from Masterplan 2014.

  • Green Spacing: Integrating greenery into the living environment is mandatory under the master plan. The sole purpose is to bring people close to nature and creating a more eco-friendly environment. The living area, the ground, and the terrace, all falls under the Government Greenprint.
  • Transportation: A greater mobility with enhanced transport connectivity is on top of the masterplan. There is no dearth of public transport options. On the other hand, the well-planned roads, traffic system, and other arrangements serve efficiently for a convenient drive in a private vehicle.
  • Facilities For All Ages: The mandatory guidelines cater to the needs of people of all ages. For children, there are schools and playgrounds, for the working people there are business parks. Some special arrangements are placed in for the senior citizens. Facilities like daycare centres, medical facilities, Seniors’ Activity Centres and multi-generational Activity Corners, are laid across the Singapore. Besides many other civic areas are planned throughout the town to satisfy the social trait of people.


The masterplan is structured around creating a green and secure environment. A development project can’t go past the strict guidelines and Forest Woods Residences is not an exception. This development will provide you with a great living area, and the masterplan, that acts as an icy on the cake, offers you a great surrounding area.

So what are you waiting for? Take some pro-active steps and register today.


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