Real estate is one of the promising business opportunities in Singapore. If you have the ability to break great deals and persuade your customers to invest where you want them to, you are simply a born leader in the real estate business. Is real estate business fortunate all over the globe or does it have anything to do with this place in particular? 

Real estate

To be honest, there are a lot of property agents who make money really well but there is something specifically nice about doing the same in Singapore because of the following reasons: 

  • Singapore is one among the few places that saw tremendous growth in a very short span of time. Since the day it became independent, there seems to be no dip in the graph. Probably that is why real estate works well here. 
  • The population is quite large for the land area of Singapore, that is why high-density housing plans were initiated there. This broadens the scope of turning the whole place into a concrete jungle.  
  • Under the surveillance of Housing Development Board, the residential areas in Singapore developed on a large scale. This increased the job of property agents and the demand for real estate agencies shot up. 

Top 5 real estate agencies in Singapore: 

When we list the top 5 agencies, we do not list them on the basis of the profits they make every quarter instead, it is all about the consumer satisfaction. So here is the list of top 5 agencies in Singapore that are really good at real estate business.   

City Developments Ltd:

City Developments Ltd is one of the international real estate agencies listed in Singapore. They have developed buildings that occupy a landmass of 18 million square feet globally. Their work speaks for itself and nothing more than this is required to endorse them.  

Far East Organisation:

Far East organization enjoys a good standing internationally. They offer a comprehensive range of projects, be it residential or commercial. With innovation and leadership as they core values, they are making a mark in the real estate industry. 

Frasers Centrepoint Ltd:

Frasers Centrepoint stand out due to their futuristic and innovative ideas in an industry that is dominated by competition and stereotyped working styles. They have set their foot strong in Asia, Australia and Europe apart from being a leading property developer in Singapore. They have set a clear path ahead and work with highly experienced and efficient professionals globally.  

EL Development Pte Ltd:

They started small within one of the leading builders in Singapore, Evam Lim & Co Pte Ltd.  Their fame reached the crescendo when they successfully accomplished a high-end residential project in the year 2006. There’s been no turning back since then. 

Kingsford Development Pte Ltd:

Known for its quality and reliability, they have earned a reputation for themselves by turning them as the leading property developers in the continental Asia. They are truly building real estate empires that can benefit all types of communities.