Forestwood Residences: Nearby Schools And The Benefits To The Parents

How The Nearby Good Schools Can Give The Parents Benefit For Their Children Of The Forestwood Residence

Schools-near-forestwood-residences-benefitsGetting an unit in Forestwood Residences should be your choice if you are a parent and have school going children. The residence is surrounded by many reputed schools such as Zhonghua Secondary and Nanyang Junior College, Stamford American International School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Paya Lebar Methodist, and Maris Stella High School- both primary and secondary. If your child is already studying in one of these schools, that is icy on the cake.

As there are many good schools near the Forestwood Residences, your children and yourself can avail many benefits from this proximity. Let me better elaborate them:

  • Instills Autonomy: The good schools near the ‘Forestwood Residences’ allows the children to go and come back home on their own. They can take a short walk or ride a bicycle to cover the short distance. Reaching and attending schools on their own builds a sense of empowerment in the children.
  • Minimal Clashes: Waking up kids and getting them ready for the school is a stressful task. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the parents to handle their naughty children in the morning. A rushed atmosphere may make the job overwhelming and conflicting. If the school is near and the children themselves are responsible for reaching in time, it ends up the hard part.
  • Reduces Cost: Having a school close to your residence is cost-effective. Many parents spent off huge expense on bus fees or personal rides so that children can reach the long-distance school on time. But, if the school is near the residence, there is no need to pay for the petrol/diesel or bus fees. Children can take a short walk to reach the school.
  • Children’s Safety: Schools adjacent to the Forestwood Residences reduces the chances that the children encounter with dangerous intersection and encourages their safety. Having schoolyards near the residence offers a prime view to see the children going to school just by looking from the apartment’s window.
  • Flexibility: Modern children always remain in a hurry while going to school and forget to carry things like- Tiffin box, water bottle, relevant books or notes. If it happens, they can return home and re-visit the school in a matter of minutes.
  • Avoids Mind-Numbing Bus Rides: A nearby school cuts off the reliance upon bus rides. Children studying in schools at far places have to wait at bus stops for an extended period of times. Besides, if the bus is fully loaded, it provides a suffocated and unhealthy environment to them. So, having school at a short distance can resolve all such bottlenecks.


I hope till now you started realizing the true value of the Forestwood Residences in Lor Lew Lian. But that’s not all. If your child is studying in a school that is next/near to your house, you can monitor his performance better by visiting the faculty time-to-time. Moreover, God Forbid, but, in case, your child goes through some illness, you can quickly visit him. That matters.

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